Optimize your body, optimize your life!

The thing we live for is to make the most out of each and every day. Whether it's going out for a surf, or challenging our mind, we want every day to be treated like it could be our last! For us that starts from the inside, feeding our bodies with the right nutrients gives us the energy to feel and act our best!

Made with the best ingredients

High quality ingredients are our top priority at BUZZD. Everything is sourced locally, organic, non-GMO and all natural! We work with only the best local suppliers, and we hand-craft each and every blend, straight from our kitchen, to yours.

About the Founders

We're Alex and Lauren, the founders of BUZZD! We share a passion for living healthy lives through the activities we do, but most importantly through the foods we eat and drink! We believe that living your best life starts with what you put into your body to give you the energy to live a full and happy life!