What is MCT Powder?

We get our MCT powder from coconuts! It's made by refining coconut oil to remove other compounds and to concentrate the MCTs naturally found in the oils.  From there, the now MCT oil goes through a process called 'spray drying' to create the powder you find in our Buzzd products. 

What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of MCT powder is its ability to be absorbed immediately by the body and delivered directly to the liver instead of going through the intestines like most other foods in the digestive process.  What does this mean you ask?! Quick conversion into energy! MCT provides an extra boost fast, and helps to ward off unwanted fatigue.

Now that you're energized, let's find out a few more things about our friend MCT...

  1. Thought to improve brain functioning and promote better memory, mental clarity and focus! Preliminary research has also shown show that MCT can improve memory and support people with Alzheimer's and Dimentia.
  2. Supplementation has been shown to support in healthy weight loss. MCTs are thought to increase the feeling of satiety or fullness, thus reducing instances of snacking and overeating. 
  3. MCTs have shown microbial properties which help to reduce the growth of yeast and bacteria in the body, giving our immune system health a little extra support!

We've been supplementing with MCT oil and powder for years! And decided to add it to every BUZZD blend because it has so many great health benefits.  We especially love it in coffee as part of our morning routine.  It adds a nice creamy texture + enhances the java with an extra boost of energy and helps to decrease the jitters by slowing down the metabolization of the caffeine. 

OF NOTE: When beginning to supplement with MCT products be careful of dosage at first! Adding too much can cause some internal discomfort, causing a light sprint to the washroom.  Start with 1 tsp per day and work up to higher doses as your body becomes comfortable.

February 24, 2021 — Lauren Bensadoun